OTRWestern0200: Lone Ranger – The Secret Land & When the Blind See (Original Air Dates: 07-01-1938 & 07-04-1938)

The Secret Land & When the Blind See
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Lone Ranger
Date: July 01, 1938 & July 04, 1938
Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW or (707) 986-8739
Earle Graser (Lone Ranger)
John Todd (Tonto)

On July 10, 1938, Howard Hughes completed a flight around the world in just 91 hours (3 days, 19 hours), beating the previous record by more than four hours. Taking off from New York City, he continued to Paris, Moscow, Omsk, Yakutsk, Anchorage, Minneapolis, and continued to New York City. For this flight he did not fly an aircraft of his own design but a Lockheed Super Electra (a twin-engine transport with a four-man crew) fitted with all of the latest radio and navigational equipment. Hughes wanted the flight to be a triumph of technology, illustrating that safe, long-distance air travel was possible

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