OTRWestern0036: Challenge of the Yukon

After arriving at a friends house he notice things are not right, Preston investigates to find his friend dead.

Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Challenge of the Yukon
Date: August 21, 1943
Title: Caught by a Button

OTRW0035: The Cisco Kid – Murder at Cactus Vista (11-25-1952)

Two men frame Cisco and Poncho for robbery and murder.

Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: The Cisco Kid
Date: November 25, 1952
Title: Murder at Cactus Vista

OTRWestern0034: The Lone Ranger

The Cattle men fight to keep sheep Ranchers away from their land.

Host:                Andrew Rhynes

Show:                The Lone Ranger

Date:                March 16, 1938

Title:                Cattlemen vs Sheep Ranchers

OTRWestern0033: Gunsmoke

The second pilot episode of Gunsmoke with Howard Culver as Mark Dillon
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Gunsmoke
Date: July 13, 1949
Title: Mark Dillon Goes To Gough Eye (starring Howard Culver)


•        Howard Culver (Mark Dillon)

OTRWestern0031: Have Gun Will Travel

Paladin offers to escort a man through some of the deadliest country there is.

Host:       Andrew Rhynes
Show:       Have Gun Will Travel
Date:       January 11, 1959
Title:      British Courage

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OTRWestern0030: Challenge of the Yukon

After a man was murdered, the town accuses a man because of the footprints in the snow.

Host:       Andrew Rhynes
Show:       Challenge of the Yukon
Date:       August 14, 1943
Title:      A Footprint in Leather

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OTRWestern0029: The Cisco Kid

While walking down a street Cisco finds a wallet on the ground.

Host:       Andrew Rhynes
Show:       The Cisco Kid
Date:       August 26, 1952
Title:      The Outlaw Who Dropped His Own Wallet