The New Recruit – Fort Laramie (04-22-56)

 The story of a man who was in the army...but never really a soldier, who re-enlists, but for a strange reason. 
 Original Air Date: April 22, 1956
 Host: Andrew Rhynes
 Show: Fort Laramie
 Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739)
 • Raymond Burr (Captain Lee Quince)
 • Vic Perrin (Sgt. Goerss)
 • Jack Moyles (Major Daggett)
 Special Guests:
 • Lawrence Dobkin
 • Paul Dubov
 • James Nusser
 • John Dehner
 • Sam Edwards
 • Lou Krugman
 • E. Jack Neuman
 • Norman Macdonnell
 • Amerigo Moreno 

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