Shoshone Country – Horizons West (12-19-65)

In need of horses, the expedition is determined to find an elusive tribe of Indians. Sacajawea returns to her people. Lewis and Clark get the horses, but learn that hostile Indians are ahead.
Original Air Date: December 19, 1965
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Horizons West
Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739)

	• Harry Bartel (Lewis)
	• John Anderson (Clark)
Special Guests:
	• Karl Swensen
	• Sebastian Cabot
	• Helen Gerald
	• Bill Quinn
	• Jim Boles
	• William Tundberg
	• Carl A. Tundberg
	• William Lally
	• Gene Twombley

Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny

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