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So what does Donating bring you...

For any donation you get:

  1. An additional audio show (Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok)
  2. Bonus content (random)

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We have 6 Donation options

  1. Weekly (1 week try before you subscribe)
  2. Monthly (Requires a donation every month)
  3. Quarterly (Requires a donation every 3 months)
  4. Annually (Requires a donation every year)
  5. Lifetime (Requires a 1 time donation)
  6. Custom Donation (in whole dollars) {1 time donation}

Prices for each are as follows:

  1. Weekly ($2)
  2. Monthly ($5) Save $3*
  3. Quarterly ($15) Save $9*
  4. Annually ($50) Save $54*
  5. Lifetime ($125) Save A LOT

*Compared to the Weekly price

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