Frontier Gentleman

“Herewith an Englishman’s account of life and death in the West. As a reporter for the London Times, he writes his colorful and unusual accounts. But as a man with a gun, he lives and becomes a part of the violent years in the new territories.” Frontier Gentleman is different from other radio westerns in that the story centered not around some colorful character out of the old West, but it is about a foreigner. An Englishman who came to America to experience firsthand what it is like to live in the still wild and untamed frontier. As the series goes on, we'll find that Kendall is as good with a gun as he is with a pen.

The first audition starred Ben Wright as J.B. Kendall. In the second audition, John Dehner assumed the role. The series was produced and directed by Antony Ellis. Two sound effects artists were used for each show, this was one combination or another of Tom Hanley, Bill James and Gus Bayz. With a few episodes handled by Frank Paris, Cliff Thorsness or Gordon Mason. Tom Hanley also wrote three of the episodes, while Charles B. Smith wrote one and Antony Ellis penned all of the remaining shows. The series was sustained on CBS. Some of the later episodes were sponsored by Kent cigarettes, Chrysler Plymouth Corporation, Studebaker and Tums.

“Now, starring John Dehner, this is the story of J.B. Kendall… Frontier Gentleman!”



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