Silver Dollar – Lux Radio Theatre (04-03-39)

Westerns Stories Album Art

Description: Based on the true life story of Horace Tabor, who became fabulously wealthy from the silver mines of Colorado.
Original Air Date: April 03, 1939
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Western Stories
Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739)

• Edward Arnold (Yates Martin)
• Anita Louise (Lilly)
• Marjorie Rambeau (Sarah Martin)

Special Guests:
• Joe Duval
• Forrest Taylor
• Perry Ivins
• Lee Millar
• Ynez Seabury
• Lou Merrill
• David Kerman
• Walter White
• Mary Lansing
• Frank Nelson
• Eric Burtis

• Cecil B. DeMille

• Louis_Silvers

Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny