Romance of the Ranchos

Tropical environment intertwined with the rugged, but gorgeous wilderness, which spans from Redwood to Sequoia, comes to mind when someone thinks about California. It is not just the sheer beauty that encompasses the thought of such a haven, but the culture and the history that set the foundation for what California is today. Romance of the Ranchos is the perfect vessel needed to experience that history.

Romance of the Ranchos tells the story of the expeditions of men and women that tried to tame the wilds that existed in early California. Based on the title records of its sponsor, Title Insurance and Trust Company of Los Angeles, Romance of the Ranchos brought an appreciation of California through an understanding of its past.

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35 shows - total playtime 16 hours 44 minutes

  1. Rancho San Rafael
  2. Rancho Santa Gertrudes
  3. Rancho San Jose
  4. Rancho Aguaje De La Centinela
  5. Rancho Rodeo De Las Aguas
  6. Rancho San Pedro Rancho Palos Verdes
  7. Rancho Paso De Bartolo Viejo
  8. Rancho Exmission De San Fernando
  9. Rancho Los Cerritos Rancho Los Alamitos
  10. Tale Of Tiburcio Vasquez
  11. Ranchos San Vicente Y Santa Monica
  12. Newhall Region Rancho Del Valle
  13. Rancho San Antonio Don Antonio Maria Lugo
  14. Life Story Of Benjamin D Wilson Part 1
  15. Life Story Of Benjamin D Wilson Part 2
  16. Christmas At Misson San Gabriel
  17. Rancho San Jose De Buenos Ayres
  18. Story Of Joseph Chapman
  19. Henry Dalton City Of Azusa
  20. True Life Story Of Jedediah Smith
  21. Rancho La Puente
  22. Island Of Santa Catalina Channel Islands
  23. True Story Of Don Perfecto Hugo Reid
  24. Rancho La Ballona
  25. True Story Of Juan Flaco Brown
  26. True Story Of Phineas Banning
  27. Rancho San Francisquito
  28. William Mulholland Southland Water System
  29. Joaquin Murietta Infamous Robin Hood Of West
  30. Rancho San Pasqual
  31. Life Story Of Don Juan Temple
  32. Rancho La Brea Major Henry Hancock
  33. El Pueblo De Nuestra SeƱora LA
  34. Transportation from Oxcart To Airliner
  35. Story Of Carrillo Family